Jason Penner, Owner - Box 7348, Peace River, AB. T8S 1S9
Ph/Fax:780-624-1347,     Email - peacevw@telus.net



A canoe is most beautiful when its form perfectly matches its function. At Peace Valley Woodcraft, we custom build each canoe to meet your specific needs and expectations.

Owner Jae Penner combines artistry with craftsmanship and technical expertise to build canoes of outstanding appearance and performance whether you are an outfitter hauling heavy loads through shallow water, or a daytripper needing a lightweight, fast canoe.

Woodstrip/epoxy construction combines the best of tradition with modern technology. Wood is a classic material for building canoes, the epoxy covering provides strength and durability as well as extremely light weight.

Please browse our web site for more photos and information and contact us to discuss your canoe.

Below are some pictures of Jason's work. Click the small picture to see it in a larger format.